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14. 12. 2009.


Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa to enter Serbia:
a) For all types of passport, up to 90 days:
Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Croatia, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Canada, Cyprus, Cuba, Costa Rica, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russia, San Marino, the Seychelles, Singapore, United States of America, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Tunisia, the Vatican.


Foreign currency, credit and debit cards and foreign currency cheques may be freely taken into Serbia. Credit cards and securities obtained in accordance with the regulations may be freely taken out of the country.
Foreign citizens may carry in unlimited sums of foreign currency, and may take out up to 2000 EUR. Travellers should report the amount of foreign currency that they are taking into the country to a customs officer in order to obtain a receipt on the basis of which they may take this same sum out when exiting the country for the first time.
PERSONAL BAGGAGE – According to common customs practice, personal baggage comprises items of clothing, personal hygiene, foodstuffs, various technical items, sporting equipment needed for the trip, medicines and similar items.
In accordance with the international Convention Concerning Customs Facilities for Touring, items of personal baggage may include one bottle of perfume, one bottle of toilet water, 1 litre of spirits, tobacco products equivalent to 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 g of tobacco or a total of 250 g of all these products, as well as medicines in those quantities essential for treatment (doctor’s prescription is not required for medicines).
Private individuals may not import and export goods of a commercial nature, weapons or ammunition.


For complete list of Belgrade Embassies please follow the link below:


14. 12. 2009.


For current exchange rates please follow the link below:

Coins: 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 dinars
Banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 dinars

Currency can be exchanged in Banks and Post Offices, as well as in the many authorised Exchange offices.

The best foreign currency to have is Euro (EUR) as the people of Serbia very often quote prices in Euros, in parallel to dinars.

Important phones

14. 12. 2009.

To dial numbers from abroad: +381 11 followed by the number

To dial locally: just the number

Police – 92
Fire brigade – 93
Emergency medical assistance – 94
Talking clock – 95
Telegrams by phone – 96
Booking of international calls – 901
AMSS roadside assistance – 987
Various sports information – 9814
Weather data – 9823
Loto and sports pools – 9844


EMERGENCY MEDICAL CENTRE, Pasterova 2, tel. 3618-444
Bul. Franše D’Eperea 5, tel. 94,

24-hour health service:

Serbian Medical Centre, Pasterova 2, tel. 361-8444,

Zvezdara Medical Centre, Dimitrija Tucovića 161, tel. 3810-969

Zemun Medical Centre, Zemun, Vukova 9, tel. 3772-666

Dr Dragiša Mišović Medical Centre, Heroja Milana Tepića 1, tel. 2667-122,

Bežanijska kosa Medical Centre, Zemun, Bežanijska kosa bb, tel. 3010-777,

Military Medical Academy, Crnotravska 17, tel. 2661-122,

24-hour dental service:

Stari grad, Obilićev venac 30, tel. 2635-236
Vračar, Kneginje Zorke 15, tel. 244-1413


Lost property office, Studentski trg 18 (08.00-15.30), tel. 2182-302

Masarikova 5/IX, tel. 3061-572,

Surčin, tel. 209-4444,

Železnička 4, tel. 2644-455,

Savski trg 2, tel. 2645-822,

Žorža Klemansoa 37, tel. 2751-255,

Serbian Translators Society, Kičevska 9, tel. 444-2997
Institute for Foreign Languages, Gospodar Jovanova 35, tel. 2623-022
International Foreign Language Centre, Zetska 2, tel. 3244-039

Geo and Climate

14. 12. 2009.

Belgrade is situated in south-eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. It lies on two international waterways, at the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube which surround it on three sides.

The climate of Belgrade is a moderate continental, with four seasons. Temperature during summer ranges between 32-40°C, during winter -5-0°C. There is an average of 130 rain-days and27 snow-days. The rainfall is most common in May and June, while February has the least. Most common are rains lasting one day.


14. 12. 2009.

There is a FREE CAMPING AREA located near the circuit (see photo), with Toilets and water supply.


Entrance to the Camping area will be allowed only upon payment of registration fee of 5 Euro (VAT incl.) per person, for which you can apply & register at:

Any visitor who gets the FREE Camping Pass must behave properly. No incidents allowed! All visitors MUST folow the instructions of Official STAFF and act accordingly! All visitors must respect the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION RULES AT ALL TIMES! For all persons who do not behave properly, FREE Camping Pass will be confiscated and allowance to the Camping are will be prohibited furthermore!


How to reach

13. 12. 2009.



Belgrade lies at the crossroads of European highways E-70 i E-75. Foreign drivers in Serbia need to carry their national drivers licence, car registration document and insurance policy (The Green Card).

Distance to Belgrade from European cities:
Amsterdam 1760 km
Athens 1090 km
Vienna 621 km
Berlin 1489 km
Bern 1361 km
Brussels 1702 km
Budapest 383 km
Bucurest 619 km
Istanbul 928 km
Copenhagen 2018 km
London 2073 km
Ljubljana 528 km
Munich 1020 km
Moscow 2211 km
Oslo 2577 km
Prague 901 km
Rome 1280 km
Sarajevo 325 km
Skopje 440 km
Sofia 380 km
Thessaloniki 700 km
Stockholm 2622 km
Warsaw 1115 km
Zagreb 390 km

For road assistance 00-24h
Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia
AMSS Operations Centre (00-24), tel:011/ 987 (landline)


Belgrade Airport is situated 25 km away from the City centre. There is direct Bus connection with the City. You will find all the major Rent-a-car offices at the Airport. The average Taxi drive to the City Centre is around 1.100 Dinars.
The national air carrier Jat Airways has regular flights to all the major destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean.
Jat Airways
Bulevar umetnosti 16, Novi Beograd, tel. 011/ 311-4222,
Reservations: 0800-111-528
Jat Cargo (transport of freight), 011/ 311-1612


An extensive rail network connects Belgrade with all corners of Europe with both day and night services. Serbian Railways recognize the following discount schemes: InterRail, EuroDomino, Rail Plus, Balkan Flexipass, Easy Travel Card, Euro<26, City Star and the Uniform Balkan Tariff.
Belgrade Main Railway Station,
Savski trg 2
Call Centre +381 11 3602899 (00-24)h


Železnička 4, switchboard +381 11 2644455, fax +381 11 2659480
Ticket sales 00-24h

Hotels and Restaurants

13. 12. 2009.

For detailed list of Hotels, Hostels & Restaurants please visit the Official Website of Tourist Organization of Belgrade & follow the link below: