race 2010

Logistics support by Schenker

25. 05. 2010.

Schenker has introduced an e-mail service for all teams who wish to come to Belgrade.

Please forward all questions to belgrade24h-race@schenker.rs

Schenker will provide free advice and answer to all queries related to transport and customs regulations, when coming to Serbia.

Competitor Info

13. 12. 2009.

THE NEW RULE BOOK 2010 will be available for download starting from Monday 21.12.2009.

THE RULE BOOK 2010 contains all the relevant information on eligible cars & drivers, timetable, fees, technical and sporting regulations, division into classes and other.

Organizer will start taking team reservations and applications from Monday 21.12.2009.


13. 12. 2009.

Prve pruge 1b, 11080 Belgrade, SERBIA
Tel: +381 69 707 959